Powerful Tools for Productivity

wp9654 07 Oct , 2015


The Google Apps Suite allows productivity to be easy to come by. Google Apps includes productivity tools such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. No matter what task you’re currently working on, you can use the programs in Google Apps to simplify and streamline your work process.

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Get more out of your work or school day. You can easily manage your communications, data, contacts, and presentations. With these tools, you can work efficiently whether you’re alone or a part of a group.

Whether you’re a student or a business person, Google Apps has something to help your work process. Here are some tips to make these powerful tools work even better for you.


New_Logo_Gmail.svgGmail is for more than merely sending out emails – it offers much in terms of organization and providing you with more efficient communication. This powerful tool has a lot to offer in order to help increase your productivity.

Read Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline is a useful extension for Google Chrome in which you can use your email account without an internet connection. You can access this feature by going to settings, and then clicking the Gmail Offline tab. Before you get offline, you’ll need to let the extension download emails, and then you’ll be ready to send, read, and search your emails wherever and whenever you need.

Learn More About Your Contacts

Gmail’s people widget gives you information about the people you are corresponding with. The widget can be found on the right hand side of the message pane, and it gives you information such as name, email address, recent Google + posts, recent emails sent to you, Docs and other drive files recently shared with you, and Google Calendar events if their calendar is accessible to you.

Organize with Multiple Inboxes

See all of your unread emails first thing each work day by utilizing the multiple inbox feature. With this feature activated, your unread emails will filter into an inbox toward the top of the page, and the emails you have already read will appear at the bottom. This way, you’ll see everything new that you need to respond to first thing. You can turn on the multiple inboxes feature by going to settings, and then selecting unread from the inbox type drop down menu.

Un-Send Emails

It’s never a good feeling when you send an email and then immediately notice a typo, that you completely sent it to the wrong recipient, or that you just accidentally sent it before you had completely finished composing it. Thankfully, there’s a way to rescind those emails – right after you’ve sent it, you can click on the gear icon in your inbox, click settings, and then labs. Once on the labs page, click the undo send button, enable, and then save changes. The recipient will never get the email – it’s like you never sent it in the first place.