Google Docs and Google Sheets

2000px-Googledrive_logo.svgWith the Google Docs and Sheets features, you can easily create, collaborate, and edit on a variety of projects. Whether you are a part of a large group project or working solo, these two apps will offer something to help you along your work process.

Collaborate with Ease

Google Drive’s tools were made with collaboration in mind. Up to 50 people can simultaneously edit documents from desktop computers, smartphones, or tablets. Documents can be shared with up to 200 people. This makes group work much more simple and streamlined than it has been in the past.

Google also makes it easy for collaborators to communicate with one another. All from the same window, you can click the word balloon icon and create an IM chat specifically for the document you’re currently working on.

Revising is Easy

With Google Drive, you can access the complete revision history of any document. You can see a list of changes by going to the File menu; alternatively, you can use Doc’s Suggest Edits Feature, similar to Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. You can edit, suggest edits, or just view edits.

Access Files From Your Drive While Offline

Typically, Google Drive is accessed via the web, but you can also download Chrome’s Google Drive web app, you can access them offline from any device with Chrome installed. You’ll need to let the app sync in order to access the most recent versions of your documents, but once you do that, you’ll be ready to go.

Use Add Ons

There are numerous add ons that can expand the functionality and productivity of Google Drive even more. You can access these additional features by clicking on the Add ons menu while you are editing a document. Popular options include Easy Bib for creating bibliographies and works cited pages, Avery Label Merge for sending addresses from Sheets into Docs, and Gliffy for creating flowcharts and other visual components.

Draw in Docs

Google Docs isn’t only limited to words – there is also a feature that allows you to draw and create graphics. If you want visual elements in your Doc, this is incredibly useful. You can access this feature by going to the insert menu, and then select drawing.

Research from Docs

Do all of the work on one project from a single browser window. With Google Doc’s Research Pane feature, you can do a complete web search from docs. To access this useful feature, click Ctrl + Alt + Shift + I. Once you’ve found the information that you need, you can also easily create footnotes – just click Ctrl + Shift + Y to insert a citation.