Use Google Calendar Offline


If there’s a time when you’ll be unable to access the internet, you can still use your calendar by enabling its offline feature. In order to do this, you’ll need to install Google Chrome. Once you’ve done this, click the gear icon and select offline; from there, the next step is to install the Google Calendar Web application from the Chrome Store.

Once the installation has finished, a new Chrome tab will open, and the Google Calendar Web app icon will appear. You can click on this icon to go to your calendar; once you’re there, there should be a green icon with a check mark, which mean that your calendar is synced and ready to go.

Add Events to Calendar Via Text

Scheduling meetings from any location is a breeze with this feature – all you need is a cell phone. From your computer, you’ll need to sign into your Google account, and then click the gear icon and then go to settings. Next, click mobile setup and enter your information; Google will text you a verification code. Once setup is all complete, text the details of your event to GVENT. Once you’ve gotten a conformation message back, the event is set up on your calendar.

Auto Decline Calendar Appointments

If you’ll know you’re going to be unavailable during a certain time, due to another meeting or vacation, you can set your calendar up to automatically decline events during that time. To activate this tool, click on the gear icon and then click labs, enable, and then save. Once this is done, if anyone sends you an invite during the blocked out time, it will be automatically be declined.

Add a Google Hangout to a Calendar Event

Hangouts_IconIf all of your participants are unable to physically make it to the event, or you simply prefer to host a web conference, you can add a Google Hangout Video Conference to an event. When creating the event, the details page will have a link to add video call, which will create a video conference call room for all of your participants.